Ponysky Quantitative platform leads the future of investment

Intelligent quantitative integrated platform

Enterprise level AI underlying platform, leading algorithm for quantitative trading, automatic machine learning, hyperparametric optimization, and rapid improvement of AI quantitative processing efficiency

About us
Monteno Rich AI experience

The core team comes from Microsoft North America Research Institute, graduated from Stanford and other famous schools, and has more than 10 years of experience in Internet scale machine learning.

Monteno Leading technical strength

The leading full stack AI platform ponysky AI and AI quantification platform allow ordinary engineers and even business personnel to use AI without threshold.

Monteno Deep industry understanding

It has served tens of thousands of professional strategy developers, and has many successful cases in securities companies, funds, colleges and universities. The team has rich experience in the field.

Monteno Top background of core team

The founding team members have rich experience in funds, securities, investment banks, blockchain quantification, compliance and other work, focusing on the integration and innovation of traditional finance and encrypted assets.

About us

Pioneer in leading the industry

Ponysky obtained the abbreviation of money services business and other relevant licenses (MSB) in the United States, and the Japan Securities Regulatory Commission completed the filing, and carried out global layout.

Ponysky focuses on providing users with fast, convenient and powerful quantitative trading and analysis tools. Users can use Mi LAN technology products based on browser (online backtesting platform) or localization (rqalpha and other projects), develop their own trading strategies at any time and anywhere, and verify their investment ideas. We have constantly improved the data quality, back testing system, model algorithm, interaction design, user interface and user security, so as to enable users to obtain the best product use experience.

At present, ponysky has provided strategy backtesting and real-time simulated trading functions; In the future, we will further provide support for firm offer trading, so that users can complete the development, testing and execution of trading strategies in one stop on our product platform.


Quantitative services

Ponysky focuses on AI quantitative service

Artificial intelligence core platform

Enterprise level AI underlying platform, leading algorithm for quantitative trading, automatic machine learning, hyperparametric optimization, and rapid improvement of AI quantitative processing efficiency


Pb level quantitative data

Pb level quantitative proprietary standard financial data + new investment big data, support all kinds of data customization, and meet different investment needs


Massive factor Library

2000+ basic factor library, AI supports mining more derived factors, taking the lead and finding more market opportunities


Factor construction and analysis

The expression engine creates a diversified factor library, supports comprehensive analysis of factors, and finds effective factors faster


Visual development environment

The modular visual development environment is seamlessly integrated with Python code version to improve the efficiency of strategy development


Advanced optimization

Super parameter search, combination optimizer, rolling training, attribution analysis, etc., customized equipment for high-end players



Product advantages

Tailored for professional investment institutions and quanke

Cross platform and cross variety

Unified all markets into a set of API interfaces Cross platform, strategy sharing and selling, solid onlookers, quantitative community Help you get the equipment of professional quantitative institutions on Wall Street

Cloud deployment

Stable and highly scalable cloud platform Keep your trading strategy under control anytime, anywhere Policy support: Javascript Python c++ my language blockly

Free flexible strategies can be simple or complex

The only quantitative platform supporting the three major financial markets You don't need to pay attention to the bottom, just focus on the algorithm logic of strategy implementation

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